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About Cosmos Commons

We’re on the verge of a New Scientific Revolution, above and beyond the scale of the Renaissance, the Industrial Revolution, the Electrical Revolution, or even the Internet Revolution.

In the recent years, there has been an explosion of new information about matter and energy, human biology and DNA, consciousness, light, sound, space, and time which is shaking the foundation of our current scientific framework. For example, This rapidly-growing body of knowledge extends far beyond the basic framework within which we have been interpreting our world so far.

Science is the way in which we humans have agreed to see our world. When there is a radical shift in the way we see our world (which includes ourselves), there will invariably follow a radical shift of our world.

We are on the precipice of a scientific paradigm shift that will impact how we live, work, think, feel, govern ourselves, communicate, obtain goods and services, harness energy, transport, etc. Ultimately, we are on the precipice of a new perception of ourselves and the re-making of our world.

There is only one requirement to join this revolution: the willingness to expand your mind to entertain a new perspective of our reality.

This site attempts to organize the emerging information about breakout science and technology and present it in a more cohesive, structured format (On this site, “breakout science” is defined as new information which is beyond the leading edge of  current mainstream scientific framework). This site also gives the reader opportunities to contribute to the building of the new information platform through wikis. This site is a place for the expression, interaction, and support of both those interested in learning about breakout science and the breakout science researchers themselves.

About Cosmos Commons Community

Every Person’s Contribution is Critical.

You contribute by just being willing to open your mind to consider the possibility. Science cannot progress without the public support, public acceptance. Stem cell research, we’re still mulling over ethical considerations, being held back. Any technology that meets fear or skepticism is held back. You have the power to make it go or no. This is how you bring things into your reality.

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