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Categories of Breakout Science Topics

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I. Unified Physics

The physics of Space, Time, Energy, Matter, Gravity, Electromagnetics, and Geometry, and their inter-relationship

  • Cosmology: Application of G-STEM physics to theories for origin and evolution of universe

II. Space and Earth Science

Celestial bodies and assemblies of celestial bodies, interstellar environment, Earth

III. Science of Matter

Focus on nature of matter, chemistry

IV. Life Science

Life in the universe, origin of human life, anthropology, human physiology and energetic make-up, consciousness, health and medicine

V. Technology

  • Sound technologies
  • Propulsion technologies (such as those based on electrogravitics)
  • Energy-harnessing technologies (such as those based on zero point energy of the vacuum)
  • Space and time travel technologies
  • Nanotechnology


Ratings of Articles and Posts

Like movies that are out in theaters today, the articles and posts on this site will be given a rating to help guide the audience. Rated “G” is for General Audience, the layperson. Rated “T” is for Technical Audience.


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