Introduction: Life Science


  • Origin of Human Life on Earth
  • Archeology, ancient history
  • Extraterrestrial beings
  • Scope of intelligent life in the universe
  • Energetic nature of organisms, life energy
  • Alternative and holistic health and medicine
  • Consciousness
  • Human potential
  • Nature of DNA
  • Pineal gland
  • Evolution of Life


Twentieth century saw a huge progress in our understanding of biology, with the elucidation of the structure of DNA, etc. It took us many years to find the genetic code, decoding the physics of it. It all seemed to fit together according to principles of genetics that we’ve discovered. And developing models for how evolution works based on the genetics. But we are seeing much quicker evolution than can be explained only by Darwinian evolution and that there may be a unknown coding to DNA-based genetics that is energy-based rather than matter-based. Because there is DNA in every cell, by extension there is energetic aspect or intelligence to cell and the entire organism. Human consciousness. What does life mean? Is there more beyond the material aspect. What is driving it against entropy? What is the greater force?

We’re seeing that there are tons of planets that could support life.

Breakout Life Science, Emerging Concepts


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